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April 13, 2011
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Variation on the "The Frog that wished to be as big as the Ox (La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le Boeuf)" fable by Jean De Lafontaine and "The Frog and the Ox" by Easop; An envious little frog puff and strain to make herself as big as an Ox only to pop like a balloon in the end:

Here the frog girl have cute features, a flower in her hair, freckles and froggy spots, tight jeans (about to rip apparently), full lips and a oversized, soon to explode midriff with a overblown belly and puffed-up breasts.

Poor little froggy!
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wow! more pls:)
I have some older inflatable frog pic around - I'll post them one ofthese days.

Glad you like! Pitting frog and cow girl is what brought me to draw anthro in the first place :P
Is there more to this?
Per say it's only one standalone pic, but if you venture into my gallery you'll find some more inflating froggie girl and musing around "the Frog and the Ox" motif a lot ;)
The frog was actually female in the origial version. Nice drawing.
Indeed; I'm French speaking and have been first exposed to this story via the "La Grenouille qui veut se faire aussi grosse que le Boeuf" fable by Jean De Lafontaine, where the frog is female.

I just added extras curves on mu pic ;)
Love it!! :D My favourite tale of all time! Ah she seams pleased with herself now :evileye: Also love the way she's spilling out of her jeans, like the one last thing that could contain her has failed :D
Deviant Art is awesome; not only I found sick little monkey just like me who like outrageous big stuff and girl blowing up like balloon, I did found a few of them having the same fixation I have toward Aesop and Lafontaine ill fated, expanding frog.
So awesome; my favorite fable as well, so it's the least of things I do some work around it to share with fellow sick little monkeys!

Your take on it with "Stuffing Theory" was splendid. My favorite ending is the one with the smaller girl try to match the big girl size and end up like the frog :)
dA rocks for people like us, alas without it (and similar sites) we'd have only our own imagination with which to conjure our fantasies. The fable lends itself so perfectly to this fetish that I consider it an intrinsic element of my preferences :D Thanks!!, little girl overloading the big girl didn't quite have the same moral impact :giggle:
I love the look of surprise on her face. It is like she is wondering what she got herself into. :)
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