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April 13, 2011
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A female cow body builder with HUGE muscles, all incredibly swollen, pumped and sweaty.

She's a super sized (and cartoony) version of my cow girl character Cika Holstein:

Cleaned up version coming up.
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I must admit, there's something oddly adorable about how absurdly over-pumped this girl has become. The way she seems to be straining with all her might to stay as pumped-up as possible is rather appealing. She certainly does look as if she's about to explode. Perhaps it's her expression and the way her lips are pursed together, but she almost looks as though she's trying to blow out air. Makes me wonder if someone's house is about to get blown down.:XD: The bulging veins and profusion of sweat drops really helps convey the sense of incredible strain this gal must be under. Whatever she's doing, she's giving it her all, that's for sure.:D
Indeed I think my character remain something cute even in the most outrageous pic I do; here she seems so dedicated and struggling to keep getting this big (or even bigger) I guess that ask for some sympathy!

I like that people feel she’s about to burst; I like inflation and expansion stories that border on explosion; it gives drama and just underlines how HUGE the character got. The nice part is in drawing the explosion is implied and doesn’t have to be stated, told or shown. Just like here; Cika obviously pushed herself big enough to pop but it’s in the viewer mind to decide if she goes KABOOM and stay in one sweaty, gigantic mountain of female balloon boobs and muscles ;)

I guess she does hold her breath in order to be as swollen, hence the look on her face. Cika’s using all the tricks in the book to achieve such a size, even hot air to trick herself at being even BIGGER! I like the comparison to the wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story; maybe I could do a puffed-up she-wolf one day not unlike this cow girl!

I added the pumped-up veins and sweat drops afterwards and indeed she really seems much more pumped afterward, or at least working much harder to get this big. One of my friend commented she look like a big, swollen penis about to blow, and well, is kinda right ;)
wesker991 Apr 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like she's gonna blow!
Indeed, I wanted her to look like a big boobs and muscle balloon about to pop!
wesker991 Apr 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a bad look to have. :D
Why Cika, I never knew!

*Takes a photo for the Wall of Big*

What, overinflated cowgirls of any stripe never hurt, and muscle inflation amuses me. Love her sense of effort in it, and the li'l tailbow is cute.
I never knew either before making this drawing; I fell on some muscle expansion / inflation pic on DA (by :iconmanthomex: and :icongrandmasterlucilious: incidally) and found them pretty fun and outrageous, so I gave it a try. Since I have a Minotaur / Cow girl character up my sleeve (Cika), I thought the idea of a ridiculously HUGE muscle bound bovine was fitting, thus I filled a whole page of boobs and muscle with a tiny head in the center.

The tail bow, boobs and face try to keep a feminine touch under this mountain of swollen muscles ;)

*Cika’s very flattered to be hanged on our wall of BIG, she’ll take time to breathe out now and deflate a bit ;)*
Indeed; I think that's way impossible. That possibility was ruled out when she pumped each of her biceps and boobs as big as exercise balls (and they're even bigger now)!
JediArtisan Apr 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I wonder, can she even touch her arms together? :D
Indeed; I think that's way impossible.

That possibility was ruled out when she pumped each of her biceps and boobs as big as exercise balls (and they're even bigger now)!
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